Online copyrights

It is really hard to estimate how many original items are the on the World Wide Web. The most part of these articles are protected with Copyright laws, so that nobody can use them without author’s (or owner’s) permission. Of course, the Internet is a model of the real world, that’s why various violations still occur from time to time, that’s why it is really important to beware of what actually these laws are and what to do in order to stay clear in from of the Law.

In fact, online copyright can be described with one single phrase: “you can look, but you can not touch??½?. Naturally, it would be silly, if copyright laws would protect information from being used (for these purposes exist other, much more strict laws), not from being copied. In this article we will try to get a deeper view inside the problem of copyrights.

You must have already seen, that many online services, which provide their users with different information (articles, reviews, interviews, statistics) usually use a special copyright string, such as:
“Copyright ?© 1994-200* Company_Name. All rights reserved.??½?
This means the company, which name appears in that string, owns the rights for using that information. Every company or user, who would copy/rewrite it without owner’s permission would act in illegal way and could be brought to court.

What to do in order to stay legal and use information you need for your own purposes? In fact, there is only one way out: you should contact the owner and ask for permission to use it. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality it is usually quite hard to negotiate and get partial rights for using that desired article.

Here is one more thing, which is really important nowadays. As we know, MP3 audio format is tremendously popular because of its small size and good enough quality. Songs in MP# format are really easy to find everywhere on the Web, but doesn’t this contradict copyright laws? In fact, it does! Remember those scandals with Napster and MP3.COM? In reality, there have already been dozens (or even hundreds) of bills against people, who shared MP3 files, protected with copyrights. So think twice before deciding to share songs online illegally.

The problem of copyrights is much more deeper and, of course, requires hours of reading and exploring. We are not going to touch every its aspect, because it is almost impossible. If you are interested in finding out more, we recommend visiting There you will find everything you need for getting rights for your own creations or staying clean in front of the law.

All in all, we believe that Online Copyrights are something, what forms the face of modern Internet, as we know it. It is impossible to guess what would the Internet look like if there were no laws, ensuring safety of owner’s rights. We really hope you now realize HOW important these laws are and, to say even more, how important it is to respect copyrights and not to act in illegal way.

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