Online Retailers Are Not Protected

According to Symantec’s latest security threat report, an increasing number of internet-attack victims are big brand online retailers, who lag in addressing their vulnerability issues due to financial problems.

The biggest increase of attacks was against the e-commerce sector-15% more than in 2006.The lead, however still belongs to the financial services sector, which is the victim 72% of all attacks.

According to Guy Bunker, a scientist at Symantec, e-commerce is seen by hackers as an easier target for stealing bank account details than bank websites, because of the latter has ever-improving security.

The vulnerability of e-commerce sectors has grown also because of the increasing use of various programming languages that help build websites faster, but often at the cost of security.

Bunker says that the main vulnerability issue is unpatched servers and this is due to the fact that retailers who run transaction servers do not have a formal way of patching the software on these machines.

According to Sandra Barton-Nicol, the most popular thing in the e-commerce sector is e-commerce crime and over time the criminals’ methods have become more and more sophisticated, therefore it is getting more and more difficult to keep them at bay.

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