Organized Criminals are Serious Threat to Internet Security

We have suspected this for a while, so the report by the Science and Technology committee had not surprised anyone dramatically. According to this report, most of internet crimes are well organized and they are not solitary instances. People take online security breaches as a real job; they join communities and co-operate with other criminals.

At the first glance, it’s not a big surprise, as internet users are interested in protecting their data and it might be difficult for one nerdy guy to do a serious cyber crime. But the conclusions of this report show even bigger threat. If your angry cousin wants to steal your credit card number, he or she might be not smart enough to do this. However if an organized group of criminals decides to copy database that contains information of several thousand accounts, it might work. You can hear about massive identity thefts (well not every day yet) every week. Organized crime can do even more damage in the near future than we see nowadays, especially when not every online bank or other online company takes responsibility for securing clients information.

All we can do is try to improve current online security. Some manufacturers even started to make chips that are more secure technologically. We shall see what other security measures will be needed, but you can be sure that online security can not be ignored.

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