Oversharing Online Information Causes Growing Identity Theft Problem

Experts warn that they see a clear tendency of “over-sharing’ online information what may result in identity theft in one in eight people. The growing problem of sharing personal details without thinking additionally leads to identity fraud in all countries all over the world – it has been estimated that Wales people will lose ?£1bn a year in revenue because of this problem. In addition, UK identifies identity theft as the fastest growing crime in the country.

Trying to warn people about the risk, Wales seems to put much effort – Wales’ police forces are the only forces in Europe to have unit which fights the problem. Besides, they have initiated e-Crime Wales conference which revealed more concerning facts about the identity fraud problem. According to the head of client services at credit firm Experian, Rachel Knight, it was initiated by two parallel processes: the economic downturn and wide spread technologies. Such things as smartphones, laptops and tablets lead us to continuous usage of Internet including social networks which unnoticeably makes us to over-share. Experts also identify the most-sensitive group – it’s the people aged between 25 and 44. Businesses should also be aware about this significant problem because many illegal transactions are done without directors’ knowledge.

Keep in mind that scammers innovate as quickly as we all do that. In order to protect data on your computer, make sure it has no security vulnerabilities and has updated anti-spyware and anti-virus programs installed. In addition, avoid publishing you personal information online because some of the people that manages to see it may use for malicious purpose.

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