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There is a new article category on – Removal Guides. This category contains detailed parasite removal guides that thoroughly explain how to completely get rid of widely spread spyware infections, adware threats, trojans, hijackers, and other dangerous malware. Removal guides provide easy, step-by-step manual and automatic parasite removal instructions optimized for inexperienced, not very computer-savvy users. They will help even those people who never did manual removal before.

The first detailed malware removal guide we offer is Spyware Quake and Removal Guide. It has been written in compliance with wishes of numerous visitors.

Currently, the project provides thousands of parasite descriptions and their complete manual removal instructions. However, some people have difficulties going through removal steps. New parasite removal guides are much more reader-friendly and easier to understand.

Doubt it? Then please take a look on the brand new Spyware Quake and Removal Guide.

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