PDF documents on target

PDF (Portable Document Format) is widespread and loved for its versatility. But popularity often brings burden of being attacked by malware creators. PDF is not an exception; there were several important vulnerabilities found in the past. 2008 autumn showed that Portable Document Format can still be exploited for various purposes and you don’t even have to be a computer genius to achieve it.

Several security experts reported new PDF exploits that can be employed to reach someone who opens PDF file. Two toolkits were spotted on web; they offer making use of PDF vulnerabilities. Anyone with bad intentions can attack a computer through Portable Document Format file when using one of the toolkits.

Fortunately, software creators put lot of efforts patching their products. The newer version of PDF is on board a computer the lesser possibility of infection or manipulation. If you use PDF files, regularly download the latest software patch from Adobe Company. Regular anti-spyware and anti-virus scans are also helpful in protecting a computer.

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