Personal information thefts are more common than before

People often do not take identity theft as a real crime. However you can do a lot of bad things if you have right information about someone. If you think that you are ordinary human and no one is interested in your credit card number or social insurance information, you are terribly wrong. According to major research, the scale of data breaches became extremely large in the last three years. Conclusion of the research says that over 159 million of people were affected by data theft since 2005.

This number is too big to refer to solitary instances of attacks or accidental data leaks. Although data breaches happen in various ways, you need to be very careful about giving your personal information online. Information like your living location, telephone number or birthday can be used to steal your identity or even to abuse you in your real life. However, according to other research a lot of people would like to make their information public on various communication networks. If this tendency continues to grow, we will see even larger scale of data breaches in the future.

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