Physical Keyloggers

When we hear the word “keylogger” (short for keystroke logger), malicious software comes to mind. I for one have felt contempt towards keyloggers ever since someone stole something from Valve, thus delaying the day of HL2's release by a significant margin…Keyloggers in the software form, however, are not the biggest problem, since they can be relatively easily found and disposed of. Physical keyloggers are a whole different thing.

When using a computer in some public place (a hotel, an airport, a computer cafe, you name it) you can never be sure if there is a device working between the keyboard and the PC, that logs keystrokes – some keyboards have one inside, for example. You can't know in any way, whether it is safe or not safe to type passowrds and such, because these devices are as insidious as James Bond ought to be. And the thing is, people don't even search for software keyloggers, let alone those in the physical form.

You can only hope that after some time your money or whatever else, doesn't disappear. And never forget that these devices can deal with encryptions, well, actually, they don't even have to, because the data first goes through the keylogger and only afterwards is it encrypted.

Always remember: paranoya equals good fortune.

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