Pre-infected hardware ?€“ is there any way to fight it?

Having all possible types of security software updated and running doesn’t grant the safety of your computer. Unfortunately, computer parasites can crawl out of pre-infected hardware. Recent incident on HP USB based drives revealed that even reputable companies can slip up.

HP USD Floppy Drive Keys dedicated to ProLiant servers were altered at factory to infect the servers with two computer worms. Symantec has reported the infections as SillyFDC and Fakerecy. These worms are designed to spread through network and leave a copy of infection on every mapped drive. HP spokesman said the company admits the breach and is ready to ensure the security in a future. However, the assurance leaves customers in doubts. If it happened once, what will stop incidents like this in a future? If reputable companies get infected and pass the threats to their customers, then what hardware is truly safe to use?

According to security experts, even pre-infected hardware can be safe to use, if one scans it for malwares. It’s also recommended to check the brand of hardware on internet news to be sure that no infections were noticed recently.

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