RazeSpyware installs a keylogger

RazeSpyware, one of the most infamous corrupt anti-spyware programs, has come back. During the past month, we didn’t receive a lot of reports regarding RazeSpyware infections. However, the threat came back last week. Now the program is illegally installed by malicious web sites using various exploits and different third-party parasites. However, the most interesting fact is that now RazeSpyware comes with a fake keylogger. The application “detects” that keylogger (the keylogger32.exe file) and thus tricks the user into purchasing the product. Furthermore, a keylogger is closely related to some Bot-Net networks used by attackers to steal victim confidential information and use compromised machines for malicious activity. This means that latest variants of RazeSpyware may possibly work as some kinds of backdoors. Hackers controlling Bot-Net networks may use them to upload or edit victim files and even gain a partial control over the infected system.

It must be noted that RazeSpyware unlike other super rogues such as SpySheriff, SpyAxe and SpywareStrike, is not installed by one parasite. There are a lot of means for the program to sneak into the system. That is why some legitimate anti-spyware tools may be unable to detect and completely eliminate the threat. All 2-Spyware.com visitors, whose computers have been infected with RazeSpyware, are encouraged to follow basic manual removal instructions. If those do not work, please feel free to ask for help at the 2-Spyware.com forum.

RazeSpyware is becoming more and more dangerous. Don’t wait until the intruder will finally rech your system.

Stand by for more information regarding latest RazeSpyware variants.

  1. DetailsBoy says:
    January 27th, 2006 at 8:11 pm

    Title should be … installs a “fake” keylogger, no ?

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