Real news spam

An interesting form of spam has been seen in the wild. It's real news spam. Bogus e-mails appear to come from various news agencies all over the world. Their subjects and body texts tell about real events, incidents and other recent news that can be seen on TV or read in newspapers.

Differently from known spam examples, real news spam mentions only latest events, and none of them is fictional. This makes us think that spammers began targeting well informed people subscribed to regular letters from news sites.

One more thing. The new spam distributes malware. Password protected Zip archives arrive attached to bogus e-mails. These archives have names like [news agency]-news[number].zip. Files inside install a malicious parasite, usually a backdoor. Passwords to archives are provided in letter bodies.

Most news sites do not send e-mails with files attached, so if you received one, don't open it! Beware of real news spam!

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