Remote administration

Nowadays when life’s speed is enormous and people are really busy remote administration is a really winning solution. Remote administration is really helpful and time-saving software. It is really irreplaceable for those who need to operate one system from one computer. You don’t need to run from one computer to another anymore. This program saves your time and gives you opportunity to manage several computers at one time.

You are able to do all operations you need on a distance with help of remote administration. It works extremely simple and fast. Your monitor shows you remote computer’s screen and you are able to do all that you want as if you are working with the same computer. You see it in the separate window or on the whole screen of your monitor. There is one specification – yours and remote computers must be connected to the Internet or to the local network. You can easily administer more than one computer from your own.

We can summarize what opportunities remote administration gives you:

?· First of all you are able to manage and control remote computer
?· Remote administration is very helpful for various firms as it can help to assist customers remotely
?· With remote administration you are able to transfer different files without any difficulties and what is more distance isn’t a trouble here

After analyzing all advantages of remote administration it is important to mention some disadvantages which aren’t so minor. It can be really strange to hear after such positive description of remote administration that “remote administration tools??½? are one of the sorts of the Trojan horses. Differently from professional tools these tools are being used by hackers and it is really difficult to notice Trojan horses.

Why are Trojan horses being called “remote administration tools??½?? The answer is rather simple – the main purpose of these tools is to get free access to your computer, what makes it rather similar to remote administration, only the aims are totally different.

Usually you can catch Trojan horse by downloading some new program where Trojan horse can be hidden. The plan is that Trojan horse hides the server part of the tool after what the hacker installs the client part.

To protect your computer from Trojan horse you must use anti-virus, firewall and there are some special anti-trojan software.

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