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Remove ActionClassicGames Toolbar (Free Instructions)

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Should I install ActionClassicGames Toolbar?

ActionClassicGames Toolbar is a very questionable app enabling access to hundred of fun free games in many categories with just one click. It can be installed from the official website or via various download websites (,,,, etc.). Right after that, it appears on Google Chrome web browser, but you may also notice small changes on other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. For example, you may find a new start page, the default search provider, and a new tab. Typically, it is replaced by or That’s why ActionClassicGames toolbar belongs to the ‘potentially unwanted program’ (PUP) category.

There are hundreds of toolbars developed by the same developer as this toolbar. Each of them are working in the exactly the same way, i.e. set a new start page, search provider and make people visit predetermined websites in order to increase their rank or sales. Although Ask is a genuine search, keep in mind that it may display sponsored search results filled with links to its affiliate websites. Thus, you cannot be a hundred percent sure that ActionClassicGames redirect is not going to end up on reliable sites.

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How can ActionClassicGames Toolbar appear on my computer?

ActionClassicGames Toolbar is distributed using two software marketing techniques. If you believe that it’s a reliable and useful tool, you may download it from the official website. However, you may not even have heard about this tool but may find it installed on your computer. That’s because it is commonly attached to other freeware (e.g. download managers, PDF creators, media players, etc.) that can be downloaded on such popular websites as e.g.,,, and so on. If you want to prevent unconscious ActionClassicGames virus infiltration, you should opt out of it during the installation of a freeware. For that, select Advanced or Custom installation option (in contrast to Quick/Basic) and read all the terms provided. If you spot a notification saying that you agree to install ActionClassicGames Toolbar or set Ask as your default start page/search provider, make sure that you unmark ticks that are marked alongside it.

Recently, the developer of this program contacted us asking us to remove this post from website. We believe that we shouldn’t do that as long as programs that we offer for the removal of ActionClassicGames Toolbar can detect it and help users to remove it from the system. As it is mentioned under each of download buttons, we ARE affiliated with these anti-malware programs, and while some of them are free, others can remove a virus only after purchasing them. These mentions fully fulfill each of the requirements of FTC.

Nevertheless, we have recently decided to make a revision of this and other posts that are related to this developer. We claim that all of them are described properly.

ActionClassicGames removal:

We deeply believe that you should remove ActionClassicGames from your computer because there are hundreds of other toolbars that are more reputable than this one. For that, you can use this manual removal guide:

  • Uninstall programs that are related to ActionClassicGames from your computer:

1. Click Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a Program.
2. When in the Add/Remove Programs/Uninstall a Program, look for ActionClassicGames and other programs that are unknown to you.
3. Click ‘Uninstall’ and then OK to save the changes.

  • Reset your web browser:

Google Chrome:
1. Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (top right corner) and select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Extensions’.
2. Here, select unfamiliar plugins (ActionClassicGames, MyWay, MyWebSearch, etc.) and select trash icon to delete these entries.
3. In order to change your homepage, click on menu icon, choose ‘Settings’ -> ‘On startup’ section -> ‘set pages’.
4. Here, eliminate by clicking on the “X” and enter your preferred website.
5. In order to change your default search engine, click on the menu icon -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Search’ section.
6. Here, click ‘Manage Search Engines…’ and add your preferred domain name.

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Alternative Software
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