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ICQ Trojan. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

removal by Lucia Danes - - | Type: AOL parasites

From the publisher:
‘Readme version A.5 Friday, May 29, 1998 ICQ Trogen.
There are two Win32 programs included with this zip. icqtrogen.exe and icqclient.exe. This file tells how to demo the use for each of them.
Icqtrogen.exe is made to be placed in your icq folder and move the real icq to icq2.exe. netdetect calls our icq and ours calls icq2 so the user can’t see it. Also, my icq Trojan has NO user interface, the only way to see it is to ctrl-alt-del and see if it around. This program opens a port and sits there lissing for a connection. The idea is simmalar to TFTP.
Icqclient.exe is your client to login to icqtrogen.exe on a remote computer. It uses a very high port number so not to set off any bells on a network. Its texted based as I didn’t have time to do a real UI right now. Its really simple just type in:
icqclient to log in to that IP if the above daemon is running.
You can upload/download/exec/list files and its pretty fun if you can write your own code to display a message and then run exe it. 😛 If your don’t know programming just make a file called test.bat and put this inside:
ECHO ‘Hey buddy’
And then just exe it just like normal.
1) The client and daemon often page-fault during file transfers. FIXED!
2) If you disconnect that is it till they restart icqtrogen.
3) No way of being told what the remote IP of the Trojan is. FIXED put a host in database.sys and it will send a datagram to server!
4) The client is hard to use and messes up with the char a lot. FIXED! not pritty but is more useable!
I promise all these problems will be fixed soon. School is out in two days and I will finally have some free time to play. A nearly bug free version with in a month. Promise.

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Reimage (remover) Happiness
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