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Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

removal by Julie Splinters - -   Also known as Ukash virus | Type: Ransomware

Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus is a ransomware infection, which gets inside the system undetected and locks it down. It hails from malicious Ukash group of viruses that all display a misleading notification, which poses to belong for official authorities, such as local police office or other governmental institution. Typically, this ransomware displays user's IP address and then claims that he has been blocked for his illegal activities on his computer. Visiting prohibited websites, watching pornographic or copyrighted content, spreading malware are included into these law violations that are listed on Oficina Virtual de Denuncias virus alert. It must be said that this threat has been designed for Spain and countries using Spanish language, but there are many different versions of FBI virus that are spread in other countries as well. If you find yourself blocked by this alert, don't think that it's official and you have to pay the fine, which is usually asked in the end of the message. You must remove Oficina Virtual de Denuncias virus instead.

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus?

Just like all Ukash viruses, Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus infiltration is based on Trojan.Ransomlock that gets inside the system together with other programs that have been hacked. Typically, that's freeware, shareware, spam emails and other files that seem to be safe but have a virus inside. In order to start its misleading campaign, Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus has to alter some settings on the system. Typically, it adds its own registry entries that help it to become active as soon as PC is rebooted. As a result, instead of the typical desktop you see only a misleading pop-up warning message that blocks a computer and claims something like that:

Oficina Virtual de Denuncias
El ordenador suyo fue bloqueado
Toda la actividad de este ordenador se ha registrado
El ordenador suyo fuo bloqueado por el sistema del control informativo automatizado

Por que?
1. Esto haya podido ocurrir por una de las siguientes causas: 1. El ordenador suyo fue utilizado para mirar los sites (páginas web) prohibidos.
2. El ordenador suyo fue utilizado para mirar los sites que contengan elementos de la pornografía infantil.
¿Cómo reparalo?
Según la Ley ‘Del control y protección de la información* del 02.01.2012 Ud. tiene que pagar la multa en suma de 100 euros. Para realizar más cómodo el pago de la multa proponemos una forma protegida del pago con ayuda de los bonos de Ukash o PaySafeCard. Ud. tiene que comprar bono para el importe de 100 euros y, al insertarlos en el modelo de pago, apretar la tecla “OK”.
¿Qué pasará después de que yo introduzco el código?
Una vez comprobado el código por nuestro sistema, de inmediato será quitado el bloqueo de su ordenador.

Under no circumstances you should pay this fine because this won't unlock your computer. If you are infected with Oficina Virtual de Denuncias virus, you should ignore its misleading alert and remove this threat from your computer.

HOW CAN I REMOVE Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus?

If you have been infected by Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus, you must run a full system scan with reputable anti-malware program to fix your computer. However, most of the victims find themselves blocked by the trojan and can't get on the Internet. If you also find yourself blocked, read the following guide, which will help you to unlock your computer from Ukash virus:

* Flash drive method:

1. Take another machine and use it to download Malwarebytes, Reimage or other reputable anti-malware program.

2. Update the program and put into the USB drive or simple CD.

3. In the meanwhile, reboot your infected machine to Safe Mode with command prompt and stick USB drive in it.

4. Reboot computer infected with Ukash virus once more and run a full system scan.

* Users infected with Ukash viruses are allowed to access other accounts on their Windows systems. If one of such accounts has administrator rights, you should be capable to launch anti-malware program.

* Try to deny the Flash to make your ransomware stop function as intended. In order to disable the Flash, go to Macromedia support and select 'Deny': After doing that, run a full system scan with anti-malware program.

* Manual Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus removal (special skills needed!):

  • Reboot you infected PC to 'Safe mode with command prompt' to disable Ukash virus (this should be working with all versions of this threat)
  • Run Regedit
  • Search for WinLogon Entries and write down all the files that are not explorer.exe or blank. Replace them with explorer.exe.
  • Search the registry for these files you have written down and delete the registry keys referencing the files.
  • Reboot and run a full system scan with updated Reimage to remove remaining virus files. You can also try using Malwarebytes or Plumbytes Anti-MalwareNorton Internet Security.

UPDATE: The newest version of Oficina Virtual de Denuncias virus includes a fake 'webcam' and claims: 'Toda la activadad de este ordenador se ha registrado'. Note that this alert is also fake and shouldn't be followed.

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    Oficina Virtual de Denuncias Virus

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