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Security Shield. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

removal by Ugnius Kiguolis - -   Also known as SecurityShield | Type: Rogue Antispyware

Security Shield is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as System Tool and Security Tool. Once installed, it will supposedly scan your computer for spyware, adware, trojans and other malware. Of course, it will find numerous infections and then will prompt you to pay for a full version of Security Shield in order to remove non-existent infections. This fake security program will also display fake alerts and notifications stating that your computer in under attack or that your sensitive information can be stolen. This program is a scam. If your computer is infected with this malware then you should use our removal instructions below to remove Security Shield and any related malware either manually or with an automatic removal tool.
While SecurityShield is running, it will block certain programs and display a fake error message. The fake message reads:

Security Shield
“cmd.exe” is infected with “Worm.Win32.Autorun.bnb”. Do you want to register your copy and remove all threats now?

Security Shield also hijacks Dekstop and Web browsers to further scare you into thinking that your computer is infected or has other problems, security issues. It may redirect you to misleading and malicious web sites and even display porn pop-ups on your screen. The fake alerts and notifications read:

Security Shield Warning
Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This form of spyware attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other commonly used programs. Click here to immediately remove it with Security Shield.
Security Shield Warning
Intercepting malicious software that may violate your privacy and harm your computer has been detected. Click here to remove now with Security Shield.
Security Shield Warning
Some of the important system files on your PC were modified by malicious software. It may cause system crashes and data losses.
Click here to prevent non-authorized changes and remove threats (Recommended)

Security Shield is a scareware that uses misleading methods to trick users into purchasing this absolutely useless program. If you have purchased it then contact tour credit card company and dispute the charges. Then use our removal instructions to remove Security Shield and related malware. We strongly recommend you to use an automatic removal because this rogue program can come bundled with other malware.
You can also use this code to register Security Shield: 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2

Security Shield 2012

There is a new version of security shield. It goes with the year tag: security shield 2011, security shield 2012. Basically it is the same rogue antispyware. The work principle is no different – security shield installs to the victims computer without explicit consent from the user. It can install through the fake video codex, trojans of fake software updates. After the install Security Shield 2012 disables your current antivirus or antispyware. After this step fake antispyware program will start his own scan process. All this scan process is fake, after the scan Security shield 2012 will find a lot of viruses on your computer and will ask you to pay money to remove them. You need to know that all this is fake, the viruses and infections it finds – do not exist.
Removal process of Security Shield 2012 is a hard task. We even do not recommend to use manual removal instructions below, as it regenerates again. Some anti-spyware vendors developed special rules to detect and remove security shield, but this virus knows how mutate, so it is really difficult task even for automated solutions. Anyway there are some programs which dedicates their time to detect and renove security shield. We recommend using Plumbytes Anti-MalwareWebroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, Reimage or Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

We might be affiliated with any product we recommend on the site. Full disclosure in our Agreement of Use. By Downloading any provided Anti-spyware software to remove Security Shield you agree to our privacy policy and agreement of use.
do it now!
Reimage (remover) Happiness
Reimage (remover) Happiness
Compatible with Microsoft Windows Compatible with OS X
What to do if failed?
If you failed to remove infection using Reimage, submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.
Reimage is recommended to uninstall Security Shield. Free scanner allows you to check whether your PC is infected or not. If you need to remove malware, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool.

Note: Manual assistance required means that one or all of removers were unable to remove parasite without some manual intervention, please read manual removal instructions below.

More information about this program can be found in Reimage review.
Press mentions on Reimage
Security Shield snapshot
Security Shield

Security Shield manual removal:

Kill processes:

Delete registry values:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunOnce "[random]"

Delete files:
C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Application Data\[random].exe

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Ugnius Kiguolis - The mastermind

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  • IT

    make sure you turn off restore points because sometimes restore points will bring the virus back even after it has been removed. I recommend safe mode and this turned off before doing the removal. I have removed things and restore points have brought them back before. just a tip

  • sara

    Good post about computer it is very useful for users

    get rid of Security Shield

  • suited

    I found the process, then did system restore but it only gave me the option to restore from a point earlier in the day…

    But now I have stopped all connection to the internet and am doing a whole scan of my pc. Lets just hope it works

  • Phil

    Thank you to Jamie!
    I too was able to use Task Manager, and check the properties of each task, when I found the one that was installed and modified today (though it had a different name to Jamies) I was able to halt it; from there on, my real antivirus kicked back in (AVG) and quarantined the sucker!
    Thanks again!

  • jheelay

    another simple way is by creating new account.Set this new account to administrator then DELETE old account with security shield.

  • sara

    your post will help peoples to get rid of Security Shield

  • kostas

    system restore in safe mode and its gone!!!!!

  • jan

    instructions on youtube videos did not remove security shield…thankfully I found so many comments on here and did the system restore…looks like it worked…so far so good…THANK YOU !!!

  • JMK

    I just unplugged my computer after it showed up and its gone.



  • Larry

    Thanks gang!!! safe mode …. restore … did the trick ….
    now I want to find this cat and kick the ……..

    • IT

      I know a guy that designs viruss for Microsoft ironic isnt it I bet they launch viruss on purpose to make money of the anit virus software.

  • André Silva

    thanks Spyhunter delete the security shield of my computer in 5 minutes!

  • Dennis

    I was successful in removing this nasty virus for free and relatively fast so I want to share my experience. My computer could hardly do anything as I could not get into Internet Explorer, Foxfire, or Google Chrome! I could not even launch any program including scanning program from Microsoft Security Essentials on my computer!!! I thought I might have to spend money to get it repaired but I read posts here which said to restore tp a prior point but when I tried that it did not have any prior points. So this is what I did: 1) I first went to another computer and downloaded a free program called msert.exe from Microsoft called Microsoft Safety Scanner available at: and I put in on a thumb drive. 2) I then rebooted my infected computer into Safe Mode by tapping F8 key when it starts to load. 3) I then went to My computer and double clicked the msert.exe program that was on the thumbdrive I transferred from the non-infected computer. That program found and removed this virus. 4) Just to be safe I then rebooted that laptop normally and ran another popular free anti-virus program called Ad-aware available from:
    and it found a lot more threats which I removed. There is now no indication of that nasty virus.

  • Spencer

    A question. as soon as i ran spy hunter, security shield dissapeared is it supposed to be like that?

    • pecsam

      for me too and since i saw that i have to pay to fix the problems i didnt do it but now it has disappeared

  • dee

    The system restore to an earlier state seemed to work for me…awesome thanks for this info

  • Jamie

    My daughter ended up with this crap on her computer so after clicking “yes” on everything thinking she really had a virus she came to me so it was pretty far gone. Security Shield was a pain to get rid of because she is running Windows 7 and most of the instructions I found online were for XP or Vista. Security Shield wouldnt let me even look at ANYTHING online, let alone find an anti-spyware program. I took a gamble and went on task manager then went under the processes tab. It was disguised as ioknf.exe. I figured that out by clicking on its properties and finding it was a new file and related to nothing. I clicked on end process and it was gone. That is what worked for me. Hope this helps someone.

    • Sami

      uhhm it doesnt work anymore, i cant open taskmanager, right now this Hunter is scanning so i hjope it will take it down, and before i came here i tried to run in safe mode, so i restarted my pc and pressed F8 but it just showed me 2 columns of unreadable stuff so i hope this hunter gets rid of it……..

  • Angie

    my comp has attacked by security shield,it keep pops out,and i click in to fill in the details and purchase it.after the purchase,the “threats” that detected by security shield has gone so i can start to open up other application,but then even after reboot,i cant find any security shield application and i did not received any activation code to activate it. So is my comp safe from security shield and will my bank account be hacked or whatever ?
    Please Help!!

  • kasa

    thanks .system restore worked!

  • Ruth

    I started in safe mode then went to system recovery, it has worked for me, thanks THOMAS BAILEY for putting you advice on.

  • James

    If you realy want to get rid of syware like this completely without running a lot of tools. Add a new admin user, log into that user, backup what you want from your old user, and delete the infected user. If you want to create a the old user again you can.

  • Taffy

    how do I reboot in safe mode? This thing is taking over my computer!

  • Anon UK

    Thank you to all those people who posted reboot in safe mode. We suffered from Security Shield Malware for a couple of days until I found your comments. It obviously worked and I was amazed that I didnt have to buy some other software to get rid of it. Thank you all again.

  • Anon

    Worked brilliantly first time! Excellent!

  • sha

    oh! Alas i am protected frm dos bloody malware ..
    dam!! it is highly irritating

  • rrl

    The system restore in safe mode appears to have worked for me also. I highly recommend this.

  • JBZ

    This was tied to a low fare search for flghts! I had taken the choice to compare several sites and the virus took over!


  • SpriteFan3

    A mere spyware. Deleted after being renamed by a user and the computers reboot. A real fail for a spyware.

  • khrystena

    this sucks….i am going to try it….how did someone send this to me?

  • drummer

    I could not access these files or even use a file shreder on them. Same deal, kept popping up. I went into safe mode, which stopped the popups, and followed your instructions. Seems to have worked,,, THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

  • Latino

    Thanks alot for the code it help heaps.

  • thomas bailey

    to remove security sheild:
    start windows in safe mode
    and do a system resstore to before you hade a security sheild virus

    it worked for me!!!

    • Norm

      I am not the greatest on these how do you restart in safe mode

    • Ruth

      thanks, i tried this and it worked for me, many thanks

  • Guest

    All i did was restart in safe mode and then a system restore, seems to be working.
    Finally, It's off!

  • anonymous

    Safe mode and system restore worked for me.
    Finally its off!

  • Guest

    I must admit going into the registry and deleting the “random” letters work perfect. Only took my about two minutes and I was on my way. Thank you very much!!!

  • Guest

    this program that i did not want keeps popping up saying virus but my MACfe programs says nothing is wrong i want this thing removed asp or I WILL REPORT IT AS A SPAM

  • Guest

    i had to start n safe mode and restore system and it worked'i went back 1 month and it seems to have worked. thk u post 8

  • Guest

    NOTHING is working for me!!!! WTH do I do? I've tried system resotre – it gets shut down. I've tried this download along w/3 others… they get shut down too!! HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS?!?

    • Ruth

      start your computer in safe mode first, then go to system restore, it has worked for me

  • Guest

    hey guys I'm not sure how this file came into my system but by CTRL+ALT+DEL, click on processes, get rid of qmbene.exe. ignore the warning and this will get rid of the problems!
    this was windows vista but should work on others too??

  • Guest

    Ran System Restore- it's gone

  • Guest

    Thank you so much comment no. 4, it was easy and FREE plus it WORKED….

  • Guest

    Removing it may be hard. It has a tendency to pop up more when deleting it.

  • Guest

    Went in and did a manual removal, seemed to kill the main program, however, there are still entries in the registry that will give you dll errors on startup. use autoruns or ccleaner to manually remove the registry keys.

  • Guest

    The poster below me nailed it! Good call, and thanks!! System Restore does the trick.

  • Guest

    I figured it out: don't download anything from these sites trying to sell you stuff. Reboot in safe mode – F8 during startup or (Dell) start/all programs/run: type in msconfig then boot tab – run in safe mode.Then go to System Restore; choose a date before the SS problem and run it. All fixed!

  • Guest

    the tosser who made this up cost me 150 dollars in anti virus crap.what a jerk

  • Guest

    Used code above worked so far, should we also remove software all together?

  • Guest

    i want this crap off my computer NOW

  • anonymous

    i used unlocker to delete Security Shield and it worked for me.