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ZeroAccess rootkit. How to remove? (Uninstall guide)

removal by Jake Doevan - -   Also known as Zero Access, Max++, 0Access | Type: Malware

ZeroAccess rootkit is a dangerous malware which has been successfully doing its dirty job on thousands of computer systems. According to security experts, this rootkit can be downloaded with infected downloads, like fake Adobe Reader or Java updates. Of course, if you have no security holes on your system, there is almost no chance that you will be infected with ZeroAccess. However, these infected files can be easily downloaded as soon as you fail to update security programs on your computer and let security vulnerabilities appear in this way. Once it's there, ZeroAccess is used to set up a stealthy platform which should additionally help for the scammers to download various malware infections on the PC. In most of the cases, this platform can hardly be detected or removed what makes ZeroAccess one of the most aggressive threats spread on the Internet.


Also called as Max++, this rootkit has some similarities to TDSS rootkit: it also stops legitimate anti-malware and anti-virus programs from execution, hides from their scanners and blocks legitimate websites of their vendors so that you wouldn't be capable to find a help. In addition, this scam tends to aggressively use system resources and hijacks the browser what results its annoying Google redirections to unrelated pages that promote malware programs or other stuff.


The most important thing why you must remove ZeroAccess Rootkit is that it is used to infect users with rogue anti-spyware programs that are designed to swindle the money from unaware PC users. As soon as they are downloaded, they start to imitate system scans and display security notifications saying that there are hundreds of viruses detected and that you need to purchase licensed version in order to remove them. In addition, this scam is also capable to infect computers with trojans or adware that can be used to steal personal information, like passwords, loggins or credit card details. As you can see, ZeroAccess is a serious threat that must be removed from the system without any delay.


There are several way how you can remove ZeroAccess rootkit from your computer:

1. Try downloading legitimate anti-malware and anti-virus programs, such as Reimage, Malwarebytes, Hitma Pro or Kaspersky. You must keep in mind that this threat will try to block them when downloading or launching, but that's the best way to remove ZeroAccess rootkit if it works, so try all these applications listed above.

2. Use anti-rootkit tools. Note that you may also find yourself disabled from booting them up, so try TDSS killer that seems to be working with this rootkit. In addition, run a full system scan with Reimage, Malwarebytes.

3. Use bootable CDs. Though it is one of the most difficult ways to remove ZeroAccess Rootkit, it may work. For that, you should find a clean computer and make a bootable CD on it. In addition, boot your infected computer from it and, after you scan your computer, write down the files you remove. You should also redownload driver files or copy them from driver cache and reboot the PC. Finally, scan your computer with Reimage anti-malware to make sure that there are no leftovers of this infection.

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