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Today, one of our constant visitors has sent us a link to a message in the Dell Community Forum. The message was written by one of the Dell Community Forum members. It contained a description of the GiftCom parasite initially published on our web site. We see nothing bad in spreading the word on spyware and using descriptions or manual removal instructions in forums or any other online resources. But that post was really outrageous – it contained direct links to a certain web site that has nothing in common with the project. That site does not provide any GiftCom removal instructions, but sells Spyware Nuker, an anti-spyware program instead. Although this product is legitimate, it isn’t as much powerful as advanced spyware removers like STOPzilla or Spy Sweeper. We have posted a message asking to explain the situation. As it turned out, the questionable topic that looked just like an advertisement with links to a site unrelated to, was posted by accident. The Dell Community Forum member did not want to use our content illegally and was not aware of advertising links. This issue was satisfactorily resolved later.

We have seen a lot of similar forum and blog posts before. All of them were using our name and our property for advertising purposes. That is why we ask you to help us. Please use our forum to report us any issues involving the illegal use of the content. We cannot tolerate thefts of our original information and do not want to allow advertisers to cash in on our community efforts fighting against spyware.

Thank you!

  1. elizabeth says:
    May 21st, 2006 at 6:01 am

    spysheriff has taken over my home page and will not stop bothering my system.

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