Dr.Web LinkChecker review, free download

by Jake Doevan - - | Type: Browser Toolbars

Dr.Web LinkChecker is a plug-in for your browser which allows you to scan your web pages and files downloaded from the Internet. Blocking viruses right on the browser lets you feel safe when browsing the internet, and it’s one of the easiest ways to protect your PC.

Dr.Web LinkChecker is included into all Dr. Web distributions for windows, however, it’s possible to download it separately. Its features:

  • Scans the page even before it is opened
  • Adds a warning for social networking sites users about the links they press, and scans the linked content
  • Detects and shows malformed links
  • Scans every file you download from the Internet
  • Detects all malware: viruses, spyware, trojans and other malicious objects
  • Checks links for hidden frames and scripts
  • Checks email attachments viewed through Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Doesn’t require Dr.Web software
  • Scans files up to 12 MB of size
  • Scans very fastly, takes just seconds!
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