Registry Cleaner review, free download

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Registry Cleaner is a free tool from Auslogics that cleans up your Windows registry from empty and not used entries and fixes corrupt registry keys to make your system run stable and smooth. Auslogics claims that is the most stable and reliable registry cleaner available in the market. By using it, you can avoid system crashes and registry errors.


  • Very stable and reliable.
  • Fast in performance.
  • Cleans system errors.
  • Fixes random program failures.
  • Cleans up obsolete records and fixes corrupt references in your Windows registry.
  • Is completely free.
  • It cleans only the safe registry categories, and makes this software safe for novice users.
  • Advanced users can select additional fixing categories and settings.
  • It will repair all errors in your Windows registry and clean it up from obsolete entries.
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Registry Cleaner snapshot
Registry Cleaner snapshot

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