Scareware ?€“ malware for Macs

The users of Mac computers are not longer exceptional when we talk about malware attacks. Despite the public opinion, Mac have been vulnerable for cyber parasites, however the amount of malwares is really small in comparison to PC parasites. The first huge wave of malware attacks emerged on the beginning of the week. iMunizator is the name on the cover of fraudulent security tool that suddenly appeared on Mac computers. And it’s not an anti-spyware to fight malware wave, iMunizator actually is the malware.

The users of PCs are used to fake system alerts, web browser redirects to commercial websites and similar signs of corrupt software. Well, Mac users are invited to the same party from now on.

The fraudulent anti-spyware iMunizator was detected by Sophos security firm. They warn Mac users not to purchase iMunizator.

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