Security experts notify about Black Friday scams

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can’t be imagined without serious discounts and great deals. However, you should also take into consideration that there is one part of offers that must be ignored. According to security experts, Black Friday is one of the most dangerous period of time, when thousands of people are tricked into believing various scams and are made to expose their personal information or install malware. If we would try to find the best advice to help them avoid online scams, it probably would be this one: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

As Naked Security blog warns, scams have already started to spread around. It reports about emails that claim that all Apple products will be reduced by 90 percent through Thanksgiving weekend. Certainly, this is too good to be true and, if you check this information on the official Apple website, you won’t find anything about it.

Typically, people in different locations receive different spam, so you should be very careful with all emails that offer unreal discounts and notify about tempting offers. Besides, beware that postal companies and delivery companies, such as UPS, DHL or Royal Mail, don’t spread emails asking people to open various attachments. If you are not expecting mail from anything, you should simply ignore it. Otherwise, you may install malware or share your personal information with hackers.

Source: Naked Security

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