Security experts report about Zeus virus spreading on Facebook!

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, so there is no doubt that it looks more than attractive for cyber criminals. We have already announced about several variants of Facebook virus that have been used by scammers for various illegal activities. However, it seems that there is a new threat, which has been illegally embedded into this social network. As security experts announce, it can easily connect to victim’s bank account and steal the money.

According to the, Facebook is now under the great danger of the six-year-old virus, which is known as Zeus Trojan horse. This virus has already been known for 5 years, but it seems that it’s going to stop growing. While it is still not capable to affect Mac OS X or Linux, it finds less and less problems to infiltrate those machines that run Windows. It has already been involved into such online crimes as distribution of malware, identity theft and similar. However, the most popular thing, what this virus is used for, is stealing banking data and draining the account.

So, what should we know when trying to avoid Zeus Trojan, which is spread on Facebook? The main thing, which must be remembered, is that it is spread via misreading Facebook messages that are filled with infected phishing links. As soon as user falls for such scam message, its account starts automatically spreading similar messages or links to all contacts. Pay attention that from now you should be very careful what you click while these messages or links promise to show ‘interesting’ videos or products.

While Facebook is aware of this serious issue, it seems that its representatives are still not taking it as seriously as they should. If you have been tricked into clicking on malicious message/link, scan your PC with updated anti-spyware immediately after that!


  1. roman says:
    July 11th, 2013 at 4:22 am

    see on youtube. viruses links! it contains zeus virus files.

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