Silver, Gold, but not Platinum. Or how to stop fake codecs

Fake video codecs are now among the top sources of spyware and malware infections. Thousands of Internet users download and install such codecs every single day. As a result, we receive numerous reports of widely spread trojans, corrupt anti-spyware programs, browser hijackers and other malicious pests.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to stop fake codecs. Most of their sites are hosted on servers outside U.S. in countries that do not have any laws protecting user privacy and security. In most cases neither legal institution, nor natural person can sue scumbags for spreading malware.

But if you cannot stop fake codecs once and for all, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to try. Sunbelt Software, makers of the popular CounterSpy spyware remover, found a new way getting on the nerves of fake codec distributors. It might be not highly effective, but definitely original and hilarious.

Last week, we found two more fake codecs sites ?€” Silvercodec(dot).com and Goldcodec(dot)com. Both of these install fake codecs which do all sorts of nasty things to your PC (oh, rootkits, that kind of stuff).

We got to thinking: Silver?€¦ gold?€¦ it seems like it’s only going to be a matter of time before the slimeballs pick up Platinum?€¦ so we preemptively registered that domain to thwart them. All major TLDs have been registered to Sunbelt Software, thereby keeping these domains out of the hands of the bad guys.

Yap, that’s true. Sunbelt Software now owns the domain. Of course, they do not push any codecs there. Moreover, there is no any web page at this address. Maybe there will be a redirect to Sunbelt site, maybe not – it’s up to the company. But what’s for sure is that scumbags will have to think another name for their s@#t.

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