SkypeDefender – new way to rob users

Due to the recent outbreak of skype-using malware (none of which was extremely succesful), a new niche in the security field arose, and that is Skype security. The niche has been plugged by the first program, which is Skype Defender. The only problem is, Skype Defender is malware itself.

The setup of Skype Defender looks absolutely legitimate: there is a Skype logo and the name is SkypeDefenderSetup.exe. When you install, it says that you should run skype and configure the security options, but when you try, you can't do so, because “Your Skype name and password were not recognized”. In reality, they were sent to the hackers' servers already.

The interface of the fake skype looks exactly the same as that of normal skype, only problem with it is the horrendous “sign in” button and the fact that no other buttons work.

The point of this skype name and password theft is not to “log in and tell your girlfriend she's fat, so you never get laid again”, but rather to gain access to your SkypeOut credits and resell them, or, perhaps, even get their hands on your PayPal account using which you bought the credits.

The skype information is not the only thing being stolen: everything saved in Internet Explorer – usernames, passwords – are gone too.

  1. Marko says:
    December 16th, 2007 at 3:52 am

    Well,what they will think on next time?A so called “plug-in” for YouTube Player,that is actually an worm???

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