South Korea Suspects Cyber Attack against a Large Bank

A popular bank in South Korea has experienced a large system failure which caused their customers many problems. They were completely disabled from withdrawing or transferring money, using their credit cards, etc. Basically banking network was destroyed. This entire situation lasted for a few days and it led to tons of complaints from the customers.

Authorities of South Korea are now trying to find out what exactly caused this unpleasant happening. The investigators do not rush to announce it as a cyber attack. They claim that the incident may also be caused by some error. However, South Korea admits that they had never had this big damage to any of the bank system before.

Korean media states that the crash of the network has been started by a laptop that has access to the bank’s network and control over electronic transactions. Security experts warn that employers should be careful about revealing too much information for the new employees, especially access to the system of a company. This would protect against anyone being able to control it.

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