Spam sent by you

We all hate spammers, right? How many times did you see spam with unrelated links on your favorite forums? I bet you see it often. Sometimes you also receive bogus e-mails or instant messages containing malicious links from your buddies or complete strangers. You are very lucky, if you don’t.

So, who sends all that spam? What a simple question! Bogus e-mails are sent by spammers or their viruses, forum spam is posted by some people, and instant messaging spam is generated by widely spread parasites. All this is true. But sometimes it can be you who sends out spam.

No, this doesn’t mean you are a spammer! What I want to say is that latest parasites can turn you into one without your knowledge and consent.

Let’s take a look on the Mespam trojan. It is a typical spam pest, which initial functionality was to send instant messages containing spam and malicious links to victim’s contacts. Nothing very new, but soon an updated variant has been spotted.

The new Mespam is different. It registers itself as a layered service provider (LSP) in order to monitor and modify outgoing Internet traffic. The parasite identifies outbound e-mails (web-based) and instant messages and inserts spam into each of them. It also recognizes your forum posts and modifies them to include the spam text.

Although such functionality might look difficult to implement, it’s not a big deal for experienced programmers, who work for malware pushers. Their parasites can really make you a spammer. It’s a real threat.

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