Spam with a helping hand from Google

It’s business as usual and while spammers keep changing their techniques, researchers keep developing new technology to counter them.
Google has been used as a search tool for vulnerabilities in the past. Now it's junk mail developers turn – spammers started using advanced search features to disguise the URLs of spamvertised websites. With a variety of advanced query words, Google is a perfect tool to direct users to a URL advertising products or services, without directly pointing to the site.

All they need to do is to make a search query specific to their website, using the “inurl” and “intext” operators and then simulate a user click on Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, so that users are taken directly to the first result that comes up in the list. This technique enables spammers to send emails, which can pass the spam filters, because all it detects is just a “Google search results” link.
Fortunately, researchers are able to counter the approach and say it’s just another skirmish in the war for inboxes.

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