Spammers spread fake emails asking to support Philippines! Ignore them!

It seems that spammers will never be ashamed of what accidents are they using for implementing their dirty crimes. Their latest campaign is aimed at good people who would like to support Philippines – a country which has been recently affected by typhoon. If you also thought about supporting these people, make sure that you are not dealing with spammers who mostly present themselves as representatives of Red Cross or typhoon victims. Otherwise, you will do the only thing – support their future crimes.

According to hotforsecurity, this spam campaign is based on misleading emails from nonexistent social workers and fake representatives of Red Cross Philippines. Using these names, spammers ask ‘a little contribution’, which could ‘help one or two people get back on their feet and receive adequate care, shelter and food.’ They also give the account number, which should be used when donating money, and the telephone number, which is clearly fake.

If you want to check the trustworthiness of such email, pay attention to the name of the sender. According to experts, spammers mostly use the names of various movie actors in this spam campaign.

Beware that you may also receive misleading mails from alleged victims of typhoon. Such mails ask for money for escaping damaged country. Before you send your money, go to the official International Committee of the Red Cross website and contact those people who really work there. This is the only way to make sure that you are making a donation to the real typhoon victims.


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