Splogs and comment spam ?€“ new sources of spyware

Time tells that some spammers, advertisers and spyware makers are quite good psychologists with really fertile minds. They are always the first to discover and introduce new original and yet effective techniques of unsolicited advertising and parasite distribution. They trick thousands of users into visiting fraudulent web resources, downloading and even buying useless programs. How many people can boast of the same art of persuasion? Is it hard to believe? Just take a look on the growing number of bogus blogs made especially for advertising and spyware distribution purposes. Such blogs already got a name – splog (spam + blog), which clearly reflects their purpose. Splogs look like regular web logs, but are usually made up of nonsense or information stolen from other resources. Splogs contain excessive number of links to advertising and spyware-related web sites. Even images and design elements lead to insecure and dangerous sites. One can easily pick up loads of spyware parasites, not to mention numerous commercial pop-ups, by following a link to a particular resource or simply clicking on an image to enlarge it.

Another recently appeared form of illegal advertising and spyware distribution is a so-called “link spam”, also known as “comment spam”. Comment spammers use a slightly different technique than sploggers. They do not bother with creating free and easy to set up blogs, but instead go looking for popular web sites with the user editable content or free comments. Comment spammers simply post fake comments or remarks that actually are nothing else than links leading to advertising and even spyware-related web sites. Today it is quite difficult to find a site that wouldn’t allow users to post comments, so nearly all are affected.

Internet users can quite easily avoid dangers carried by splogs and link spam. Simply DO NOT click on any links, images, controls, buttons, etc. included in a comment if you are not sure where they actually lead and what they exactly do. Feel free to report splogs and comment spam attempts to special web services like Splog Reporter. This will help to clean up the blogosphere of advertisers and spyware spreaders.

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