SpyCrush removal

We have updated SpyCrush manual removal instructions. All the files and registry keys of the trojan's latest variants are provided.

You can also use automatic spyware removers such STOPzilla and Spy Sweeper.

Detailed SpyCrush Removal Guide will soon be available.

  • chris

    it will not remove tczij.dll try to delete it but it won’t let me

  • anothertech

    After much digging… the version my friend got used (instafink.dll) located in c:\program files\instafink\. McAfee 8 detects and cleans this file -=in safe mode=- with DATs newer than 6/19/07.

  • Hella

    I am trying to find the tczij.dll file on my computer. Any ideas where I should look

  • Jgpm

    Is this file located in C:\windows\system 32?
    I assume it is and it can be deleted safely without harm to other programs

  • melvyn maunder

    I found the file but was’nt able to delete it !
    Is it possible to send a virus of some description back to the “spycrush base” and really ruin their day. Any suggestions ?

  • superted

    I found the file tczij.dll by using the search function but when I tried to delete it the computer came back with the message that the file was in use and could’nt be deleted.

  • alexsca

    you right.my pc just got that damn spyremoval.and i think not only me.its must be many online user got that trojan.so ,may i take this article and i put in my blog ?/

  • smoothiec

    Hi I got the same thing happening to me and I cant get rid of it. I tried to search for .dllfile (tczij.dll) and nothing showed up. Is there anything else you know?

  • Alex

    I found this file and tried to delete it. Got the message ‘Access Denied – make sure the file is not in use’.

  • hardcase

    Where do you find this tczij.dll file?

  • Dawit

    To Budric,
    search for this file and delete it (tczij.dll) It will get rid of the pop up false alert. it worked for me.

  • Dawit

    Budric…..try and search for this .dll file (tczij.dll). It’s a spycrush file. Delete it and restart your PC. That might git rid of the annoying pop op alert. It worked for me.
    Good luck.

  • Budric

    You should edit this. I have the damn blinking Icon, but nothing else (It’s still annoying, and apparently comes with some persistant viruses, including trojandownloader-zlob). I have, and have been running, a paid version of SpySweeper, and it doesn’t do anything.

  • John

    I tried , Ad-Aware, and ewido, macafee, spyware blaster, and spy doctor, none of these will remove the ?X on my task bar…….. what else shoule I use.

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