SpyHeal. A replacement for Spyware Quake?

Most 2-Spyware.com visitors should recognize the name of Spyware Quake, the infamous corrupt anti-spyware program illegally installed to victim computers by dangerous trojans (usually the same named parasite), through malicious advertisements and via certain exploits. Thousands of people have already been hit by this infection. A lot of users still try to get rid of it, and, considering the overall number of randomly named files provided in Spyware Quake manual removal instructions, a lot of systems will be infected with this threat in the near future.

It seems that nothing can stop Spyware Quake. Advanced popular anti-spyware and antivirus products can completely eliminate this parasite. However, the infection rate is almost the same as it was a few months ago.

But everything ends, sooner or later. We have news for you. One is a good one, and the other one is not so nice. The trojan distributing Spyware Quake might stop being improved. That’s a good one. But let’s hear another: malware makers prepare a replacement for the infamous rogue. This replacement is SpyHeal, a clone of Spyware Quake.

The new program is the same poor performance product. Currently, it does not spread by itself, and we do not have any reports of SpyHeal infections or parasites, which install or promote this program. However, SpyHeal’s vendor and its affiliates may start distributing the application with the help of dangerous parasites, malicious advertisements or harmful exploits very soon.

Why? Well, simply because all SpyAxe family members, including Spyware Quake, Spy Falcon and Spyware Strike have been and still are distributed in the same way. It is only a matter of time when one parasite will replace another.

Let’s hope this will never happen…

Your opinion regarding SpyHeal. A replacement for Spyware Quake?

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