SpyLocked == SpywareLocked

If you didn't notice, SpyLocked has been renamed to Spyware Locked recently. This name change is easily explained. Spyware Locked is actually an updated variant of SpyLocked – some minor, mostly cosmetic changes have been introduced in order to avoid detection by legitimate spyware removers. The application is downloaded from the same web site as SpyLocked – www.spylocked.com. Don't go there!

If you didn't face SpyLocked / SpywareLocked yet, you might want to read more about widely spreading trojans distributing this threat here and here.

The corrupt anti-spyware program these trojans distribute is yet another clone of the infamous VirusBurst and Spyware Quake risks.

We provide both SpyLocked and SpywareLocked manual removal instructions. In case if you are infected, work through detailed SpyLocked / SpywareLocked Removal Guide.

Your opinion regarding SpyLocked == SpywareLocked

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