Spyware Sheriff. New rogue – new parasite

It looks like there is no end to numerous, rapidly spreading SpyAxe clones – Spyware Strike, Spy Falcon, Spyware Quake, and now – Spyware Sheriff. The latest rogue is very similar to its predecessors. It is the same poor performance product unable to protect user privacy and system security. The program does not use false positives, but it also does not find or remove even well-known parasites, not to mention yet unknown, emerging threats.

Like the infamous rogues, Spyware Sheriff (not to be confused with Spy Sheriff) is illegally distributed with the help of dangerous parasites, malicious advertisements and certain exploits. We have already received user complaints stating that their computers have been infected with the SpywareSheriff parasite, which displays fake warning messages, hijacks the web browser and attempts to download the same named corrupt spyware remover.

As you know, SpyAxe and its clones are quite difficult to get rid of. Thousands of users still cannot remove the infection from their computers. Unfortunately, the parasite that installs Spyware Sheriff is harder to remove, because it uses a lot of random names for its files. This means that it is much more difficult for anti-spyware software to identify and completely eliminate the new threat. Furthermore, it is also very hard to provide manual removal instructions that would work under any circumstances.

The 2-Spyware.com research team is currently working under SpywareSheriff manual removal instructions. We will post them as soon as possible.

Beware of Spyware Sheriff! New wave of infections is on the way!

  1. ian jeffcock says:
    May 24th, 2006 at 5:33 pm

    need your help with this

  2. Justin says:
    May 28th, 2006 at 1:05 pm

    I want to infect myself with these programs. Whats the best known way to directly contract them?


  3. Thomas Hoang says:
    September 21st, 2015 at 2:49 am

    I actually got into SpywareQuake’s typosquatted website but I got out of it’s website real quick and nothing happens to my computer. I just found out that if you go into SpySheriff and it’s clones website and you quickly get out of them, they’re unable to come in to your computer.

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