Spyware to be one of the biggest 2006 threats

A few days ago, a very interesting article was published on SearchSecurity.com, a popular source for IT security information. This article, written by Eric B. Parizo, tells you why spyware and application attacks will most likely become the biggest 2006 threats. Next year’s spyware will become similar to dangerous viral parasites. It will be even more destructive and complex. Hackers will attempt to exploit security flaws found in various specific applications. Internet Explorer shouldn’t be the only target anymore. As an article tells further, other notable threats for 2006 include data exposures and identity thefts and phishing, which will rise to a new level of sophistication.

By reading this article you will learn why virus writers are switching to spyware, why software exploits are often used to attack regular users, not only big companies, and why current security software is unable to slow down the overall infection rate.

Read more here – Spyware, application attacks to be biggest 2006 threats

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