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Original article was published at www.jurgita.com.
Suzi “the owner of spywarewarrior.com” was contacted with the request to remove inaccurate information posted in her site.
the answer was: “I did review the thread but I’m not in favor of removing it because other people have posted there too and it would be unfair censorship to them as well. What I will do is post an apology to you in the 2-spyware thread however, and leave you the opportunity to reply if you choose to do so. After we make the final posts, I will lock the thread so no one else can post it in.”

So basically we agreed to apologise each other in public. Here is the thread: “http://spywarewarrior.com/viewtopic.php?t=5062”

But the History of the fight remains, because some people wanted to leave the trail.
Here is my original article regarding spyware warrior website:

P.S. Before reading it keep in mind that this article was written in the middle of 2004 year and some things changed since then.

“It came to our attention the case of the another case of slander and defamation, mislead of the users.
Spywarewarrior could be a great site if they’d post all opinion, not only their own.

Site spywarewarrior gives information that Spyhunter is a scam. They tell that spyhunter uses bad adverting techniques and has a spyware in its program.

The program was tested by various credible sources (example: cnet, PC magazine) and no spyware was found in the program.

FACT 1: spywarewarrior.com spreads FALSE RUMORS.

Spywarewarior is managed by arrogant person SUZI. Her opinion is biased and she tries to BAN and delete all the information which differs from her opinion.

Read the following statements and Suzi’s answers:

Statement number 1:

By the way I was Banned for my normal position regarding spyhunter in www.spywarewarrior.com forums. Do you find it normal? You are admin there. Is that the way you treat opinion which is different than yours? The more I read the more I understand that is the game of competition.
I can tell for sure, that this BAN was a scam. And spywarewarrior must be added to scam list for their biased opinion controlled by admins.

Whatever. I banned you because you are very annoying. Your position is not normal.

Statement number 2:

Can you tell me again – What do you find wrong with Spyhunter??

I already told you that I am not going to repeat what I already said in other forum and blog posts. If you want to know, then you go and read the information for yourself.

Statement number 3:

Some customers are asking me regarding your opinion, because there are rumors about spyware inside spyhunter and they are scared.

Well, now that is your problem. It is not my problem. Your users can also go and read what I have already written.

Statement number 4:

I can answer only that you are Baning different opinions and spreading rumors, I think its very unprofessional and unethical.

Quite honestly, your opinion does not matter to me. You can think whatever you want and I do not care.

FACT 2: spywarewarrior.com doesn’t care about the truth and doesn’t have any proves of what they are saying. SUZI and spywarewarrior.com selects the opinions which she likes and deletes / Bans others. That’s why there are only Bad opinions about some products.
Also we got information that This person writes bad things about other companies on the same page she has affiliate links for competing products.


SUZI tries to earn on Unfair competition.
SUZI and spywarewarrior.com displays their own list of so called untrustful sources. She calls it: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products Web Sites.

Here are some comments how she describes that one or another site is a rogue:

“may be TZ Spyware Adware Remover” – its may be, but the site is still the rogue.
“may be a SpyHunter clone” – its may be, but the site is still the rogue (spyhunter has no CLONES of any kind)
“pushes rogue/suspect products” – other sites where some info is written about so called “rogues” are also rogues. That’s the biggest nonsense.
“AdAware knockoff” – no proves, just defamation.
“uses hacked Spybot S&D database” – no proves, just defamation.

For spywarewarrior.com and suzi Proves doesn’t exist. She tell that there is freedom of speech and she thinks that she can tell anything without punishment.

From the answers you can see that the Person who manages spywarewarrior.com site not only arrogant but doesn’t care about the users at all. All what she cares is to spread rumors and slander other companies.

THAT makes spywarewarrior.com site completely untrustful source which misleads all internet users.

More info about the case if it will not be removed at:


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