SpywareQuake – yet another rapidly spreading rogue

Selling corrupt anti-spyware programs became popular and profitable business for a variety of Internet scums. Almost every single day we receive reports from angry users infected with parasites like SpyAxe or SpySheriff and their numerous clones. Most of these people never downloaded or purchased corrupt software. Their systems were simply hit by trojans or similar threats, which illegally install unsolicited “spyware removal” software.

The same story is with SpywareQuake, a new member of the SpyAxe, SpywareStrike and SpyFalcon family. This parasite does not differ from the latter programs. It is very similarly distributed (by dangerous trojans, through malicious advertisements and via certain exploits), and its infection symptoms are the same as SpywareStrike’s or SpyFalcon’s.

Once installed, SpywareQuake displays the infamous system tray icon, which mimics a similar legitimate icon related to the Windows Security Center. This icon continuously pops up a fake warning message stating that the compromised computer is infected with spyware parasites. The text in a message may vary, but its purpose is always the same. It works as a link leading to Internet resources distributing SpywareQuake. The trojan may also change the Internet Explorer default home page and redirect the web browser to malicious web sites.

As you see, nothing new here. SpywareQuake is the same bad old parasite, which got a slight facelift.

2-Spyware.com already provides complete SpywareQuake manual removal instructions. You can also read the review of this new corrupt anti-spyware.

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