Stealth Microsoft update might be harmful

Secret update from Microsoft provoked anger and debates two weeks ago. It was a matter of honesty, but not a deal of possible security threat. And the discussion ran on either Microsoft had a right to update systems automatically. However, according to the new report, the stealth update might be dangerous for those that have Windows XP running on their machines.

Once a user repairs Windows XP from a CD, Windows Update function stops working correctly. The user is unable to download the latest patches this way. It leaves a computer in danger, because new exploits are found every week and people can’t get security fixes without Windows Update working as intended.

There was no way to avoid this update as it was installed secretly on all computers with Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft hadn’t solved this problem yet, but if you are in the situation described above they recommend contacting Microsoft customer service.

  1. Rea carreon says:
    May 29th, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    hello security tool support please help me to my desk top computer,

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