StopBadware is Fighting Against Cyber Criminals as a Non-Profit Organization

StopBadware has started to work as a non-profit organization. Google, Mozilla and PayPal are the first companies to supply money for this project.

4 years ago StopBadware existed as Berkman Center project which was established to fight against malicious software like viruses or spyware. The aim of it was to share information about computer parasites to ordinary people. Well this aim didn”t really change much during these 4 years. StopBadware still analyzes data about security issues and grows its network together with individual people and organizations
Maxim Weinstein, the Executive Director of StopBadware believes that they have to change the attitudes of individual people and organizations in order to weaken the activity of badware. No matter how challenging it would sound, Mr Weinstein has no doubts that it is possible to achieve this by joining creativity and passion of the members of this community.

StopBadware can brag about their success in making some changes already. The corporations like AOL, Real Networks and Sears Holding Corporation had made some changes to their software in order to expand their custumers possibility to choose. These companies collaborated with Google to warn the users about the websites that pose risk to install spyware while visiting them. This has explained the job individuale site owners can do in reducing the possibility to get infected with malware.

Stopbadware still has lots of ideas what to do to bring down the issue of badware. However, it does huge effect on the Internet comunity to realize that computer users should work together.

  1. peter pock says:
    January 29th, 2010 at 10:08 am

    internet securety 2010 stop thanks

  2. jim wheeler says:
    June 17th, 2010 at 10:03 am

    why not get the credit card companies to stop these rogue and fraud operations from extorting money from users by suspending their credit card merchant privileges. If they cant collect online they will be out of business soon enough.

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