Storm Worm appears again

They just can’t stop distributing this malware. Storm Worm (also knows as Peacomm) appeared o January of 2007. It is a regular trojan just like many others you can find online if you don’t browse carefully. But this one has infected many computers because of tactics of its distribution. It uses spam emails with links to malicious websites. Of course the emails are made to look suggestive: earlier Storm Worm spam emails have looked like newsletters from reputable news websites and the news were quite interesting to attract thousand of people. Later the newsletters decoyed people to view some scandalous video news and then again Storm Worm/Peacomm has infected many computers.

Storm Worm spam has changed strategy slightly a few days ago. The emails allure people to visit a website to download free games. Don’t be naive and don’t expect to get some pc game along with the Peacomm trojan; any game you choose to download is actually the same trojan installer.

You can view a screenshot of the malicious website below. To remove this trojan, use Peacomm removal.

Storm Worm Website

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