Stuxnet ?€?cyber superweapon?€? attacks China

Stuxnet computer worm has been reported to find a new target to infect. It’s a malware that was first noticed in June hiding in Siemens systems. Security experts claim that its biggest infiltration was detected in Iran where it may have damaged a nuclear facility. The infection is known to penetrate into computers of factories or other industrial control systems in order to damage them. It copies and sends itself on to other computers in a network and basically starts to control the entire system. As a result the factory may experience deterioration of plants, destroyed boilers, pipelines, pumps, motors and other damage to critical system parts.

As China will have a week long national holiday now, it becomes extremely vulnerable to Stuxnet attack. If they really want to attack China’s industry they will definitely do it now. As everybody will be off, industrial networks of China become much weaker in terms of withstanding computer infection attacks. If Stuxnet succeeds, China’s national security would experience a huge damage.

Stuxnet cyber superweapon is a warning to governments from all over the world as it’s never clear which industrial control system can be chosen next.

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