Switzerland is the most spammed country in a world

MessageLabs have just published results of worldwide email research. Those indicated Switzerland as the country that is attacked by spammers the most. In fact, average person in Switzerland receives 10% more spam than average web user from some other country. According to the results one email message in 134 is infected with a virus while phishing hook was detected on one message in 277.

Almost 85 percent of emails in Swiss email box is spam; this made Switzerland to take a crown off regular leader in this field – Hong Kong. Spam occupies 82.6% of inboxes in this country. France got ribbon for the third place with 82.1% of email messages recognized as spam. Israel and Austria had respectively 80.1 percent and 79.6 percent of spam emails.

  1. notnow says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “|Switzerland is the most spammed country in a world.”

    Bwahahaha. You did that typo on purpose, didn’t you?

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