TDSS or Alureon rootkit attacks 64-bit computers!

Computer users should be aware that a new variant of Alureon, TDSS, TDL, TLD3, or whatever this rootkit is called, version has been released! Until now rootkit was incapable to affect 64-bit PCs, running Windows Vista, Windows XP and Server 2003, because there were several protections against untrusted modifications to the Kernel. However, these days infection was discovered to have been modified and updated successfully to affect 64-bit computers.

After Alureon rootkit makes it possible to reach Windows XP system, users immediately should notice this infiltration because computer simply fails to boot. The other situation is when your machine runs Windows Vista, it won’t be so easy. To see if your PC has Alureon or TDSS rootkit, follow these two optional guides:

1) Open a COMMAND PROMPT with Windows-R: Write cmd and press enter.
Open DISKPART: In a new line window write a command diskpart.

In a new prompt enter lis dis. Your computer is infected with rootkit Alureon if it remains empty. If the disks display, it is not.

2) From the Computer Management pane, launch DISK MANAGEMENT.
Everything is fine if it shows disks. If it does not show disks, it means the system is infected with this rootkit.

We recommend using TDSSKiller.exe if you find yourself being infected by this rootkit because it supports 32-bit and 64-bit operation systems. You can download it from here.

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