The first malware for iPhone is not that dangerous

Possible vulnerabilities of iPhone were widely discussed; however considerable period of time has passed till a malware dedicated for iPhone actually emerged.

Although several iPhone vulnerabilities were demonstrated and discussed, there was no actual software to trick users and firmware and do some harm. Ironically the creator of the first iPhone trojan chosen tactics similar to those used by computer malware creators: the malicious package is masked to look like legitimate one, so people are interested in downloading it. The iPhone trojan is named “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” and that’s a very attractive name even for those that aren’t curious persons. It’s like offering special Windows OS update; there’s no doubt that name appeals to the large majority of users.

Luckily, the first iPhone trojan is more prank than a parasite. Its main purpose is tricking people; it doesn’t compromise user’s privacy nor harm the phone. The trojan is capable to overwrite several iPhone applications; once a user deletes the malware, those applications are removed as well. Nevertheless, this “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” is rather a check-up of users’ caution. Although iPhone is extremely popular and security experts warn about it becoming a target of parasites, these prognoses hadn’t come true yet.

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