The importance of antispyware

Nowadays almost everybody has a computer at home. And almost everyone of them had problems with computer threats. Maybe there were some virus or some spyware on your PC, but still it’s inevitable to have problems with security.

Everyone that has computer and Internet at home, has anti-virus installed (or must have). But it’s not a solution for complete security. Anti-virus can protect you from worm and virus – parasites that damage your computer system. Spyware and adware is another problem, that can’t be solved with anti-virus, because spyware doesn’t damage your computer system, it only tracks your actions and habits on Internet. Adware is a software for advertising, so it’s not for system wrecking.

Of course you can live without anti-spyware, but it may cost a lot. Let’s say a hijacker gets into your PC. Your browser settings are changed, you’re flooded with pop-up ads. With those pop-ups you might get some serious spyware. It may track your e-mail and passwords. If it’s your personal e-mail, only for friends, then maybe it’s not so scary. But if it’s your account for business purposes and for work. You get e-mail spam. It’s even possible that spam e-mails will be sent to your business partners and your chief from your mail account. I guess it would make some troubles.

Spyware can even cause such things as your arrest. Yes you can become a criminal even without knowing it. It might be cause by identity theft. Spyware tracks all your personal information, like name, last name, address, credit card number, etc. When third parties get this information, they can commit a crime under your name and you will be punished. Also this information used for carding or phishing. Your credit card will get empty in few hours and you will receive a check to pay thousand dollars.

Money also can run out with the help of dialers. They use your phone number for their profit. You receive report about calls to some island that you’ve never known, and bill for those calls are thousands of dollars.

So spyware is a threat for your privacy and a great threat. This may happen to anyone, who uses Internet and doesn’t have anti-spyware. Anti-virus programs will not detect any dealers, cardings, or spam. It’s very important to have good anti-spyware on your PC to ensure your privacy.

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