The iPhone: a new challenge for hackers

Even though Apple’s new product, The iPhone, is yet to be compromised by security risks, there are potential ways hackers can use to do so.

Marius Van Oers, a security researcher for McAffe, has made a presentation in a security conference held in Vienna explaining a few ways that could be used to infect the iPhone.

The iPhone uses the mobile version of the Apple-made Safari web browser. It is difficult to assume that the mobile version of the browser is flawless, since flaws have been reported on the normal version.
„It's fairly easy to send someone an SMS or an e-mail with a Web link,” Van Oers said. “And once you go to the Web link, then that server can inject code into the iPhone, and if that happens, a hacker can have full control.”

When interacting with web-pages, iPhone allows the use of JavaScript, which is a program language known to be a means of exploiting software flaws.

Apple‘s multimedia application, QuickTime, also has a lot of exploits circulating in the web. MySpace of all websites, for example has had spyware running on a QuickTime movie. Of course, it is yet to be seen how these flaws work in relation to iPhone.

All of these risks are more of a speculation, rather than actual flaws, but, knowing the way hackers work, if there potentially is a flaw, it will be found and exploited.
Although hacking mobile phones is not nearly as popular as hacking desktops, certain examples of such a thing exist, such as a recent malicious program that autodials or sends text messages to a premium number owned by hackers who collect the revenue.
As the iPhone is becoming more and more popular, more agressive attacks should be expected.

  1. Casandra says:
    February 7th, 2012 at 7:43 am

    People are craze on Iphones and the hacker’s are take advantage in that and spoiling it.

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