The more famous the more vulnerable: Apple vulnerabilities emerge

Mac/Apple lovers used to be proud of more stable and more reliable systems, but the time has passed. Apple products are not an alternative chosen only by eccentrics; they made it to the mainstream. That’s the time when hackers, scammers and all the others turn their heads into unexplored fields of Macs. Unfortunately, the legend is false: Apple is not as flawless as the fans used to say. When Mac users became a great crowd, larger part of hackers got interested in exploring the new ground and unfortunately they discover new vulnerabilities every week.

Apple’s Calendar tool – the iCal can be used to distribute malware. Security experts noticed three iCal vulnerabilities this week; one of them is especially dangerous as it allows running malicious files. User’s consent is not even required at certain circumstance. Researchers recommend iCal users upgrading Mac OS X to the latest version 10.5.2 in order to prevent infection and crashes.

The famous music store Apples Inc.’s iTunes is targeted by identity thieves since the beginning of the week. They hadn’t found a way to steal personal information, but they have sent officially-looking emails to tons of iTunes users instead. The fraudulent messages ask people to correct iTunes profile details. Similar scams are known for those who do online banking, but Apple hadn’t been targeted yet, that’s why security experts believe some of iTunes’ crowd will fall for this phishing campaign.

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