The most secure and the most insecure domains of virtual world

People tend to avoid dangerous neighborhood, but when it comes to the virtual space we often ignore the reputation of certain domains. Do you know which domains are most likely to infect your computer? And which ones are quite safe to visit? McAfee recently made a list of the most insecure domains of virtual world.

The top of the list is owned by Hong Kong’s domain .hk as 19.2 percent of websites using .hk domain were malicious. China got another bad reputation score besides being infamous for cyber attacks: its domain .cn ended up second on the McAfee list. Russia and Romania have also made it up to the top of the bad list. 6.75% of websites under Romanian domain .ro are dangerous for their visitors; and 6 percent of websites under Russian domain .ru have malicious intentions.

The top of secure domains is decorated with Finland as only 0.5 percent of websites ending with .fi are insecure. Japan came second with its .jp domain and Ireland was third. Its domain .ie was the safest last year.

The list is not constant; the domains named insecure today might be secure tomorrow and vice versa. The .tk domain (Tokelau island), reported the most dangerous the last year, dropped to 28th place on the current list. Another risky domain of previous list .ws (Samoa) was ranked 12th this year.

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