There is no 100% safe software

Spyware parasites, unsolicited adware programs, malicious trojans, backdoors and exploits are the most widely spread infections today. Typical viruses no longer are the major threat. Unlike the latter, spyware and spyware-related parasites spread mostly in the Internet – through drive-by downloads, malicious advertisements, sophisticated exploits, online chats, etc. The web browser became the number one source of infections in a very short time. In most cases it is Microsoft Internet Explorer, the most popular one.

Fortunately, there are powerful, safe alternatives like Mozilla Firefox or Opera. A lot of people, who have been hit by parasites, dump the most popular browser on Earth and switch to alternatives. Then they think that nothing can ever infect their systems. That’s why users drop antiviruses, anti-spyware programs, firewalls, etc. Why to pay for security programs, if I am using Firefox/Opera/etc., and parasites simply cannot affect this software? This is one the most widespread, but wrong points of view between millions of Internet users.

However, most users forget about one simple fact. There is no 100% safe software. If a particular program is being used by more than one user, then it is potentially vulnerable. The recent research of Sunbelt Software, one of the major anti-spyware makers, clearly proves this fact.

Experts decided to go to a site hosting a bunch of different exploits using a slightly outdated version of Mozilla Firefox, which is considered to be one of the safest web browsers. The results are rather shocking. The web browser has been successfully exploited, and a dangerous backdoor along with one of the most widely spread trojans have been illegally installed without asking for user permission. As a result, the compromised system began displaying the infamous fake security alerts and other unsolicited messages. Moreover, the installed malware started blocking legitimate security-related sites and redirecting the user to other resources. All this is without using Internet Explorer!

As you can see, even the most secure software does not protect you from all kinds of infections. That’s why it is necessary to have a powerful antivirus, reliable spyware remover and advanced firewall. Furthermore, it is very important to update your software regularly. Out-of-date products really make your system vulnerable.

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