Trend Micro website was hacked and infected

Many reputable websites that represent reputable companies are hacked and compromised from time to time, but this incident is a bit different. Anti-virus maker Trend Micro tried to hide the problem from their customers even though the website was infected and users were compromised by a malware.

Apparently, the official website of Trend Micro was hit in early March. It was setup to infect visitors with a trojan. When staff at Trend Micro noticed the malicious code, the trojan delivery system was up and running for at least three days. There is no word on the number of infected users, but considering the popularity of Trend Micro products the number must be considerable. Although compromised pages were shut down on the detection of this problem, the company decided to be silent about this incident. Japanese users were informed about the issue, while it was hid from other customers. If that was an attempt to keep a reputation clear, it failed as problems at Trend Micro were revealed by their competitor – Sophos.

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